3rd times a charm

Pregnancy pic by Veronica Vangessal

a break in the clouds! As with most soon-to-be parents, one of the “must do’s” before the baby comes in western culture is taking pregnancy photos. Anyone who’s into photography knows that professional photos can get expensive, but thankfully we have some photo-savvy friends! However, our fortunate arrangement was meeting unfortunate weather—3 weeks in a row. The only time our friend Veronica could take the photos  was Wednesdays, and every Wednesday it would rain like clockwork. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday—clear skies and sunny; Wednesday—rain. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem in a studio, but being the unconventional missionaries we are, it was a problem.

On our 3rd attempt, it was once again predicted to rain, and was raining that morning. Since Veronica was

Quick Facts and Highlights!

 going to be unavailable for the next few weeks to come, we hoped and prayed to God to change the weather—and He did! For the 1 or 2 hours we were taking photos, the rain stopped and the sun was shining! It was a good reminder of Matthew 7:7-11—God cares about the small things, just ask!

fundraising=mobilizing. As we have continued to speak to churches and individuals, we haven’t just gotten more partners in ministry, we’ve also been able to speak to several youth and adults about getting into missions! Pray that the seed we sewed was on fertile soil for future mission work. If you too want to get into over-seas missions (short-term or long-term), let us know!  Thanks again nickname for your prayers and support!  

In Christ,

Jed and Kayla Olson
Jed and Kayla Olson