Day #24

Afghanistan has had over 20 years of war. It had an extreme fundamentalist government until 2001. Afghanistan is still unstable. It is one of the ten poorest countries in the world. The female population is over 15 million.

-1-2% of Afghan women have identity cards: the rest are without formal papers or citizenship.

-Life expectancy for women is 42 years of age.

-Afghanistan is the only country worldwide to bar girls from secondary education. Schools for girls have been attacked and set on fire. Outside of Kabul, 91% of girls under 18 don’t go to school.

-57% of girls marry before the age of 16

-“My father forcibly married me to an old man when I was 11 and my husband treated me like a slave over the last 7 years.” Zaynab, 18 Afghan mother of 5.


-When GOD created man and woman he said that it was very good. Gen 1:31
-that Afghanis would grasp this truth
-that God would restore in Afghanistan his image, which is distorted through oppression and exploitation
-that God would send many workers into the harvest fields of this nation, especially educators and evangelists