learning from the best: getting better equipped to counsel abused women


  • Kayla’s Parents visited us—it was awesome. 
  • This September, we will be going to YWAM Amsterdam for Kayla to get further training in Counseling.
  • Check out our “What We Do” page to get a refresher on our ministry here. You can also check out Kayla’s blog @ Olson’s Orbit.

You could cut the tension with a knife…. The four of us leaned forward towards each other, silent, eyes nervously pacing back and forth from person to person. Karen peered forward and started to whisper, all eyes suddenly stopped their pacing and gazed toward her. This was it, it was about to be over. Karen’s intense concentration broke into a smile, “one brick, one wood, one wheat, one sheep makes a settlement and… I won!”

With each of the four of us having won one game each, this fifth and final Settlers of Catan game was the tie breaker, with Karen the victor. Shortly after, my parents, Danny and Karen, had to leave back for the States.

Though it was fun showing them the sights, culture, and ministry we do in Cambodia, our most treasured moments were some good ol’ family fun!

To Counsel Trafficked Women: While Jed has been busy with teams & re-designing UofN Cambodia’s website, I have quickly become known as the “flower lady” to the women of Wat Phnom.

The women’s change in attitude from flowers amazes me. It warms my heart seeing these women smile from this small act, but I still feel a need to do more for them. I may have come here to counsel, but I soon realized that my college eduction did not properly equip me to do so. Thus, before coming to the States for Christmas, we will be going to a YWAM base in Amsterdam (aka the “Red-light District of the World”) for me to do a two-part school for counseling sex trafficked women.

Part one will be in Amsterdam during the three months before Christmas. For Part two, we are waiting to see when and where I can do it early next year before bringing this new-found knowledge back to Cambodia. Thanks again for your prayers and support.

Kayla's Parents Explore Angkor Wat

Kayla’s Parents Explore Angkor Wat