….. An Argentinean, Mexican, Columbian, Puerto Rican, and American woman all get together for lunch!

Sounds like the beginning of a joke, right? I am in the process of catching up on blogs that I have been wanting to write about but just have not had the chance. This is one of them….

My fondest memory of our 2 months of travel in South America!

We were at the Buenos Aires, Argentina Ywam base when I was asked if I want to go to the Womens luncheon that they do every month! Where all the women of the base that get together and eat, talk, laugh, and talk about the struggles and praises of the ministry that they are running or in! I said, heck yes!!! Im so glad I went because I was actually very tired that day.

I was the only American but there were about 14 of us sitting around a round table and half of them knew English so I understand pretty much everything! I just can’t describe how it feels to be with 14 women who know me already yet it is the first time we ever met. We snacked on all the different cultures foods while we joked and laughed about ministry and stories about our husbands. Then we started talking about ministry, poverty, injustice issues and you could just feel the passion in the room. It was overwhelming at times but beautiful. Women are Passionate! It is a gift from God! Some women haven’t found that passion yet and use it in wrong ways I think but when you find it, man, there is nothing stopping you!

It was such an encouraging time listening and talking about issues of the world that we want to be a part of fixing the overall problem! Every country needs Jesus and has injustice issues so there is always something to talk about!! Thank you Lord for this beautiful opportunity that I will never forget! Now I have 14 beautiful new friends!