settling in Waking up to ash and dust, we wiped our brows, and went to work. Ants appeared almost instantaneously at the appearance of an infinitesimal crum. Cement walls making even hanging a picture a elephantine task. The “joys” of having to start from almost scratch. Then Jed getting food poisoning plus shortly after both he and Hezekiah getting a cold. Upon our return to Cambodia, we realized this was like no move we had ever done before. In the past, we’d settle in within three days, but this move… more like three weeks going at pace that would impress the “Extreme Home Makeover” team. Alas, with particularly Kayla’s head strong determination, our house is now a home.

shaping up In the midst of settling in this month, we were also shaping up for ministry. Jed is gearing up to20121215-232118.jpgmobilize people, including teaching for the DTS and inspiring visiting teams to come back to Cambodia. Kayla is starting to network with some Sex Trafficking ministries to see how she can best serve. In New Zeakand we were able to sprint right into our ministry, but in Cambodia we are running a marathon. Please pray for wisdom on knowing how to pace ourselves for this next season in ministry.

shouting out We wanted to give a quick shout out to all of you who donated in response to our need for a car. Your overwhelming generous response, paired with finding a cheaper-than-average yet reliable car, has enabled us to have a means of transport that will save us money in the long run. We are so blessed to have a network of support that includes people like you. Thanks again for your prayers and support.