Back in the Saddle

 our move to Colorado Springs  & starting ministry 


  • We made it to Colorado! 
  • Jed got to help mobilize for YWAM at The Thorn, a Passion of the Christ gone Broadway.
  • Kayla will teach on Art Therapy at YWAM’s counseling school.

Having  seen how Cambodians and many other crowded countries max out their small vehicles with people and supplies, we followed their lead to bring our belongings that had been stored for years up to Colorado. With a maxed out trailer, a bulging truck bed, and a world globe in my lap, we headed out in a little more civilized manner than chicken buses in Guatemala. A day and a half later we made it, though not without a few bumps along the way. We then proceeded to transform the two hotel rooms we were given at the YWAM base into a suitable home within the week—with the help of Kayla’s parents of course.

Mobilizing for Easter.

“Wow, now that sounds like something I’d be interested in!” Mickie exclaimed after I told him some of the things he could do in YWAM. I met Mickie and many others while manning a booth for YWAM at a showing for The Thorn, a theatrical version of Christ’s death & resurrection. Our hope is that people will be moved to action after seeing The Thorn and get equipped for missions with YWAM’s schools.

Art Therapy.

I’m not the only one who’s hit the ground running. Kayla met with the Counseling School leader after we moved in, and will be teaching Art Therapy to the students a few times over the next quarter! The school will also be going to Cambodia this summer to help in counseling ministry, much like Kayla did. It may be a possibility for us to visit the team to give pastoral care and do ministry ourselves. God is already providing fantastic opportunities for us to serve here and across the globe!

Please continue to pray for our ministry, for people to be inspired for missions, and for women to be counseled, healed, and come to know Jesus!