getting teams inspired for long term ministry


-Jed has been debriefing outreach teams to inspire them to come back to Cambodia

-Adoption is possible here, but we need the Lord’s favor in leading us to the right child and agency.

Short-term leading to long-term. “How many of you after this outreach think that you’ll be doing missions again?” I asked this question to an attentive group that had just finished their outreach in Cambodia. Sure, most of them had just been through the outreach ringer through long bus rides and some possible cases of dengue fever—but that didn’t stop most of these twenty-something’s to raise their hands. Yep, almost every member in the team wanted to do missions after coming to Cambodia!

Hezekiah p,aging at Kayla's Small group

Hezekiah p,aging at Kayla’s Small group

In the past month, I (Jed) have been able to speak with over a half-dozen teams on how their outreach was and what they want to do on the future. It’s surprising how many of these team members now want to do missions! Even a few are staying back to continue ministering in Cambodia!

God has given me the privilege of sitting down with these interested individuals and give them some initial guidance on how to make missions a part of there lives. Whether by coming back to Cambodia, going somewhere else, sending another team here, or starting a missions prayer group in their church, these young-adults are ready to change the world.

Though my long-term vision here is to build bridges to the mission field for Cambodians, I am glad I get the chance to already start doing this with those of my own culture. Now to just master the Khmer language… ;-)

Adoption If you’ve known us to any great extent, you’d know that one of our desires is to adopt a child of a foreign country—particularly Cambodia. Our US embassy had a town hall meeting to address adoptions and other concerns. Upon the U.S. Ambassador confirming that they are not accepting adoptions from Cambodia under the Hague Convention, I stood up to ask if there were alternatives. Luckily, his answer was not disheartening. Though it could take a good deal of time, it looks like it is possible for us to adopt a Cambodian child! Please be praying for God’s favor for adoption and in both Kayla and I’s ministries.