Cloth Diapers

My free Bum Genius Cloth Diapers

We are very excited to announce …… That we got the grant that we applied for!

Back when we had just found out we were pregnant we decided to email about 6 different families that we knew we on the mission field. Since we will be a traveling always overseas kind of family then we felt the need to seek advice from families that were very similar! Advice that was very common from all of them was cloth diapering. It just makes since! Its cheaper and can easily fit in suitcases! Plus its cuter!

Now when I tell people I am cloth diapering they think Im crazy. A Lot of people don’t know how much cloth diapering has changed over the years. They think I am grabbing a big piece of cloth (like a rag type thing) and pinning it on my child. You can do that and it does still work but there are other ways! Basically you have a cloth diaper cover (what you see in the photo) and an insert that you put in it. Thats the kind that I am using but there are other options as well. Then you wash them! I make it sound simple but there are other things involved like how to wash/ dry…. But I will write a post on that later down the road when I have actually used them!

One missionary told us about the Diaper Grant that offers. I checked into it and applied! We had to wait until I was 31 weeks pregnant until they decided if we got the grant or not.  So out of the couple hundred that applied that thought we were worthy enough to have them, haha, I guess! But I am excited!  Who knew I would ever be excited about getting a bunch of free diapers!  They are now all washed and ready for Hezekiah to start downloading! Yippee