Hezekiah is being born this month! Almost 10 months ago we went into a doctors office, thinking Kayla had an infection. Instead, after a week of tests for a miscarriage, we came out as future parents. Now, after moving, traveling in 7 countries and over a dozen cites, getting check-ups in 5 different towns, and a host of reunions, we are anxiously awaiting Hezekiah’s arrival.  It’s crazy to think we’ll be parents before mother’s and father’s day! Kayla’s and Jed’s parents will also become first time grandparents, and we are so blessed to be able to have both sides of the family be around for the first few months of our firstborn’s life!

Speaking Engagements are over… for now Since arriving back in the States, we have had twenty-two speakingengagements in three states! We have been blessed to be able to share our vision with over a thousand people, both inspiring others into missions and finding partners in our ministry.  From these presentations, we’ve spoken to a handful of youth about doing mission work and twelve people have joined in financial support. We are now 38% funded for our ministry and living in Cambodia. Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far!

Big things in Cambodia.  As we look forward to our time in Cambodia, we’ve kept updated with the ministry that is going on in Cambodia. YWAM is building a huge base in Battambang, and also pioneering several new ministries (including the one we will be involved with). YWAM Cambodia is growing and we’re excited to join them!  Thanks again, friends for your prayers and support!


In Christ,

Jed and Kayla Olson
Jed and Kayla Olson