Sorry it’s been so long but I will be catching up on some blogs soon. We have been traveling, not that normal travel that normal ppl do, how about 9 countries in 7 weeks! Most people don’t have any clue what this kind of travel is even like. And it’s hard to explain but I can try….

First off this is a venting post just bc I want to. I normally love traveling and hardly ever get real culture shock but I’m pregnant which makes this traveling even harder which is why I believe I’m acting/feeling like this.

We started traveling when I was 11 weeks and I’m now almost 15 weeks and finally starting to have some real energy. The first weeks were miserable, I was having a breakdown and got to the point where I almost changed my ticket to just go straight to America and wait on Jed to finish this trip by himself. Thank God he told both of us NO on that one! I can’t be away from him that long. Jed took care of me, I will write about that later.

Ok so picture this…the day I get off the plane, I come down with this awful flu like stuff. Can’t breath, throat hurts, headaches and on top of that Chilians are so loud and stay up till 3am and we have to get up at 6…so absolutely No sleep for me that entire first week. Plus having to walk so much, find a taxi, take a nasty long bumpy bus, take a metro thats so packed that everyone is pushing you and fondling you, i think im becoming claustrophobic.Freezing cold showers and food, omg I don’t even want to get started on food. I’m so paranoid bc there are so many things you need and can’t have when pregnant but IT’S SO HARD to find those things when your traveling in other unfamiliar countries.

And plus these cultures like many other cultures are all about hospitality and feeding guests. It’s the only times in my travel ( to over 30 countries now) that I actually have to refuse what they are trying to feed me bc I know it’s bad for me or it’s just going to make me sick. I hate it.

I really miss and have been craving some good ole southern cooking. I can’t wait to have some. You know by the time we see family it has been almost 20 months. Thats a very long time. I have a Right to miss them and the good food they cook!

It did help that the sweet lady in Auckland gave me 4 seats to myself bc I was pregnant. ( literally every other seat on the plan was full.)

It is cool that everything we own we can carry ourselves but not cool bc its a lot to carry and more then we usually travel with.

Ok maybe I got it out of my system now. I vented. I’m not perfect. I don’t have the perfect life. I have struggles, they just might not be like yours. I teach on culture shock and how to deal with it but it doesn’t mean I never have it. I blam it all on the pregnancy but really if I wasn’t pregnant I would still want to see my family right about now.

I want to also say what I am so thankful for. I do have so much to be thankful for!

-the lady that gave me 4 seats on our 13 hour flight

- my husband was made for me, he really knows how to take care of me, he is so smart, caring, and never selfish. He gives me a massage literally 2-4 times a week, I am very spoiled, he does whatever it takes to help me get rest and food that I need or just want. He knows Spanish way better than I thought and communicates very well with everyone in south america, he cancels plans that he really wanted o do just bc I couldn’t handle anymore travel, he is o romantic and loves me so well, plans wonderful surprise dates (and forgets the camera) to a beautiful dinner tango show for our 3 Years together. He is perfect, seriously I can’t think of anything bad to say about him (not that I would anyhow) he never gets mad, ok I have only every seen him mad about computers, haha when they mess up, speaking of computers our MacBook pro is broke and our hard drive, that’s why typing on this iPad is taking forever….pray they can be fixed in America for cheap

- so very thankful for our supporters who keep on giving and believing in us even when God totally changes our direction

- thankful for all the churches that support us in some way- church wow, LaPlata Presbyterian, Faith, Rez, Bethal, Boyce, Caney Lake, Alpine, and Kingsville- these churches mean so much to us and we can’t wait visit and speak when we come home!

-some of the “moms” that I have stayed with on this trip that take care of me.

- thankful that I never had any morning sickness during this pregnancy.

- thankful for The Olsons and getting to see them in 24 days! So very thankful that they are taking the whole family on a week long cruise for Christmas! It will be my third week long cruise. Thankful I get to rest and have fun with them!

- thankful or the vision and direction God is giving us on this trip and for the opportunity of travel to all these beautiful cultures.

- so very thankful for my cuz Stacy and how we are both pregnant at the same time and can eventually go through this together. Thankful that the baby and God are helping her clean up her life and I pray for her everyday that this journey for her keeps getting better,

- so thankful for my wonderful tight-knit family, they all live next to each other and do everything together, sometimes I get sad and feeling sorry for myself that I don’t get to be with them and enjoy those fun things together but I am going to be thankful for the time I’m with them next year! Thankful we get to have our first baby with all the family close by!

- thankful for my mom who has always been a best friend to me!

- thankful my sister found her an awesome Christian man to marry in May! Can’t wait to meet him and party it up on their sweet beach wedding!

- thankful for our many friends around the globe that “get us” and what were doing

- thankful for Gods grace and mercy

- thankful for this miracle baby inside

- hot showers

- chick fil a ( can’t wait to have some )

Okay that was a long post, sorry, I feel better now, but I’m just so excited to see Everyone! It’s just been so long, 2 years is enough, I don’t know how some missionaries go for like 5 years, I just love family so much. Cambodia will be way hard, NZ was easy compared to Cambodia, so I am seriously going to cherish every second I have in America!

Leave me comments even if you say I’m a crazy lunatic!