Day # 27

Domestic Violence occurs between spouses or intimate partners, when one partner in the relationship tries to control the other person. The perpetrator uses fear and intimidation and often physical or sexual violence.

-One out of three women worldwide has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime.

-4 million women a year are assaulted by their partners. In 1 of 4 cases, women will also experience sexual abuse.

-60% of battered women are abused while they are pregnant.

-70-90% of women in Pakistan experience domestic violence.

-Every 9 seconds in the United States, a woman is assaulted and beaten.

-1.1 million women in Australia have experienced violence by a previous partner.


Defend the cause of the weak. Ps. 83:2

-for the protection of women who face domestic violence
-that God would stir His people to raise the standard of mutual respect in marriage
-that God would raise up men who can mentor others how to be godly husbands and fathers