My cousin, Sarah, was able to come to New Zealand for a visit for about 2 weeks and boy did we enjoy ourselves! This first picture is us in Akora on a boat cruise (that was FREEZING) but we got to see the worlds smallest penguin and dolphins as well as some small and huge seals!

This next photo is me, sarah and a friend kate. We stayed in Christchurch with Kate and her husband Noah for a snow day. We walked around in the coldest day for Christchurch since 1816 (nearly a century). It was really exhausting to me but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to look weird. haha I didn’t know I was 3 weeks preggo and in pain bc of that.

This last photo is me and Sarah at Arthurs Pass, where a lot of Narnia was filmed!

We were also able to make a West Coast road trip, see the pancake rocks, soak up some nice pools n Hanmer Springs! Fun times! Some people take their family for granite but when you hardly ever get to see them then its so encouraging and unbelievably fun when you get to spend some time with at least one of them!

I feel like its a different world I live away from my family so it was sweet to get to include Sarah in my NZ life!