Forgotten Beauty

ministering to the forgotten and impoverished women of phnom penh


 -Kayla is reaching out to the forgotten women of Phnom Penh: the pregnant, disabled, and destitute

-We got to meet Loren Cunningham and get valuable insight from him.

Prostituted and pregnant.   I, Kayla had the opportunity to go hang out and minister to the least of these when it comes to sex trafficked & prostituted girls.  In the north part of town next to a buddhist temple come pregnant, older, and disabled girls to find “customers.” Some get paid as little as $1.25 for men to abuse them. 

I joined a couple girls from the YWAM base that go and minister to these women on Thursday nights. We talked to them and asked if they would like dinner and to hang out. Some girls came with us a couple blocks to a friends place where we fed them dinner, prayed with them, and got to know one another. God’s word is most powerful in action!

Not stopping with just food, we also find them help with their pregnancy because most of the girls are prostituting themselves until delivery and either have a problem with the baby or sell the baby after delivery. Our hope it to have no more girls that are working in this section of town! 

Metting Loren Cunningham

Loren Cunningham, YWAM’s founder

I loved being able to talk to some of the girls and get to know them with my little knowledge of the language. I am working hard on knowing the language so that I can speak without a translator and get to know these girls better so that I can help them know Christ and get a better life for themselves. 

Meeting Loren Cunningham. Gathered in a small conference room at an airport hotel, we crammed in the room with the rest of YWAM Cambodia to meet Loren Cunningham, the Founder of YWAM. He was able to give Jed some insight into mobilization that only someone with such a deep knowledge and history with missions can give.  We left more inspired than ever to reach the nations for Christ! And we couldn’t do it without you, so thanks so much for your prayers and support!