August '13 Leaving Cambodia

some encouraging stories before departing 


  • Two girls Kayla first met in her ministry have done a complete 180!
  • We are having a time of rest and reconnecting with some friends before Kayla’s intensive 3-month counseling school. 

A dramatic change. On one of the first nights I went to Wat Phnom for ministry, I met two women whose stories broke my heart. One was a mother of nine children, some of whom had been sold, others for whom she has had to prostitute herself to take care of them.  The other girl was pregnant when I first met her, but soon found herself giving birth by the rubbish piles and rusted rails of the Phnom Penh train tracks. Soon after, she sold the baby. Their outlook on life was mired in depression, self-loathing, and sadness. Back then, you would never see one of these women smile.


Pina and KaylaAfter some months of encouragement, the mother of nine agreed for us to connect her with a ministry to train her for a new line of work. A few months later the other girl followed suit. As we were about to leave Cambodia and new women were coming to our ministry, I was afraid I might not see these girls that I first connected with.


But then one ministry night, the mother of nine came back. Not because she was back on the streets, but because she wanted to see us and show us the transformation she went through. She now smiles all the time, beaming with self-worth and is proud of her new job. I also met with the second girl shortly after at her new job, who was similarly, very happy with her life and new line of work.


There is still a long road ahead for these women, but it is a blessing to see how far they’ve come and to be a part of their journey.  Please pray that these women will continue in this changed lifestyle and come to know Jesus. Also during the month, we were able to get many other girls interviews at the same organization, and had some powerful ministry times of testimony and art therapy before we left.


Reconnecting with old Friends… Before my school starts in September, we are spending time with some old YWAM friends in Europe for a time of reconnecting and rejuvenating from our time in Asia. Pray for a fruitful time to rest before the school begins.