Just in case any one wanted to know…..Here is how we came up with the name for our son and I will also explain the meaning of his name!

Just a couple weeks after we found out we were pregnant, we were talking about baby names. We decided to pray about it and ask God to show us what he wanted us to name him/her. He quickly gave us to name Hezekiah at 3 or 4 different times. He never gave us a girls name so we kind of had a feeling that it would be a boy!

First he showed us a verse with the name Hezekiah in it and then the story where Hezekiah gets healed of an illness and God gave him many more years. We thought it was fitting since I was healed of an illness and was now able to get pregnant!

Hezekiah: a good king of Judah, meaning power from  god , YAHWEH strengthens.

We have always loved the name Justus. So we basically chose that mainly because of the meaning.

Justus: . It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Justus is “upright, just”. Biblical: an early disciple of Christ, a man considered as a replacement for Judas Iscariot as one of the 12 apostles.

To deliver what is just, Just, honest, fair-minded.
Biblical context: The Biblical baby name Justus is Latin in origin and its meaning is just, honest, fair-minded. 

Well, there you are! Can’t wait to meet the little rascal!