Hezekiah's Birth

Hezekiah, the Lord gives me strength. Our son’s name could not have a better meaning for the labor and delivery process that started at 6pm on April 11th. We had just finished our last date before becoming parents (though we didn’t know that at the time). I took Kayla out for a massage, we saw a movie, and chilled at a coffee shop. While still in the Coffee Shop, Kayla’s mucus plug came out and shortly after, she was having regular contractions. That first night little sleep was had, and we thought it was pretty crazy Hezekiah was going to be born on his due date, April 12th. Once it was daylight, we tried to keep Kayla’s labor going along at home, taking walks outside, playing yahtzee, and enduring contractions in the birth pool our Doula brought. But April 12th came and went without a birth.

After 30 hours of labor at home, we decided to take Kayla to the hospital. She wasn’t showing the typical signs that she was almost ready to push, so we were a little worried labor would take even longer once she got to the hospital. Luckily, once arriving at the Hospital the doctor said she was 8cm dilated! At 7am the doctor came in and said she was 10cm dilated and prepared her for pushing. She pushed Hezekiah out in four contractions in about 15 min. At exactly 8am on April 13th, Kayla gave birth to Hezekiah. He weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and was 19 inches long. Praise God for a beautiful birthing experience and healthy baby!


Getting close. With the arrival of our baby boy, we are once again astounded by God’s provision! He has provided us a child, which no doctor thought Kayla could conceive, and to top it off a healthy and safe birth. And so we are confident God will continue to provide for our family as we move to Cambodia. Now we are in our final months to not only get ready for ministry, but in providing for our newborn. We currently are still in need of $3,000/month to cover our living and ministry expenses in Cambodia. What we need is 60 people to pledge giving $50 a month. Friends, would you prayerfully consider being one of those 60? Of course, the amount is up to you, please give what you have decided in your heart. Click here to donate by credit card or here to donate by check. All Donations are tax deductible.  Thanks again, friends for your prayers and support!