I heard this sermon a while back and I love it so I thought that I would share it with all you folks! Their were no notes on it. It is just a pile of my notes scribbled on an envelope! haha

How to have a great marriage (its not complicated).

1. You have to 1st want a great marriage. More then your own will. There is no room for self will. None     You have to be 2 people where their joy comes from making each other happy and not from having your own way.

2. You have to learn to Always Cherish your mate. Your vows say to love and cherish. Love isn’t a feeling- its a commitment. Their are no perfect mates out there. If you don’t do it right then it will just get ugly and worse as time goes on. When you get married you see everything. The good, bad and the ugly- but if you don’t choose the bible then you will not learn how to always cherish your mate.

3. Learn quickly how to work together as a team. Most people preach about the roles of the man (head-leader) woman (submit) UMM how is that teamwork? It doesn’t work like that. Men end up feeling like failures and women end up feeling like that can’t speak up ….
Gen 2v18 talks about how Adam needed a helpmate/helper
Eve is that helper/ It comes from a Hebrew word “neged” which means to stand boldly out, to expose and predict and explain (now that comes very natural for women)

The husband is still the head of the household he just has a helper.

Proverbs 31 is a chapter that I am very passionate about. My favorite verse is 8 and 9

 8 Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, 
   for the rights of all who are destitute. 
9 Speak up and judge fairly; 
   defend the rights of the poor and needy.

it later talks about virtues woman opens mouth with wisdom! 

That doesn’t look like a quite wife, does it. We women have opinions and loud mouths sometimes for a reason. Its okay to use it in a wise way. We have passion! Let it out.

But then there is also the times when you need to be wise and stay silent! 

Ecclesiastes 3- A time to speak and be silent

Anyways, it made since to me and I hope my notes still made since bc it was a while ago when I heard this and my notes are so sloppy! haha

Love and Respect! Two simple things to have in a marriage but they make a great marriage! 
Men love your wives and wives respect your husbands!