I don’t think our supporters know just how much they teach us! It’s a beautiful thing! We have many faithful supporters that we love so dearly! So while we are here in the states raising a little more support we are also personally visiting or supporters that we already have! We love it!

This week we were visiting one of our older supporters that I love so much! She has been fighting cancer for a while and is cancer free now! But as we were talking with her she shared with us about her new years resolution.It really spoke to me.

She prays for a stranger a day. She said one day she prayed for 4 different people in WalMart. She stops them and prays for them right where their at. We used to teach our students to do this and we do this alot when we are traveling and overseas but we get carried away with the business of life and everything we need to do when we are in the states. We need to visit every supporter, speak at a gazzilion places…. It should be a lifestyle and I forget that sometimes. She really spoke to me and I hope it speaks to you a little. I am going to try to do this more often here in the states just like I do it overseas. It should be no different.

Thank you supporters we love you.