Lillies Among Thorns


bringing a smile to women in despair


Kayla was able to share the gospel to trafficked girls through giving flowers and sharing the resurrection story.

Easter Flowers. The roses were almost impossible to smell amongst the foul odor of crowded sweaty bodies and the acridity of alchoholic breath. Cockroaches scuried about in the corners of paint-peeled walls while each girl put their nose delicately close to the bouquette, trying to escape to its aromatic bliss. And each beaten and abused girl did seem released, if but for a moment, from her plight of forced prostitution. Like a lilly among thorns, out from these downtrodden women bursted out something many of them may have never experenced—a smile!

The smiles soon turned into an elated commotion when I told each of the eleven girls they could take home a flower. But the joyous mayhem had to subside as dinner was served. After finishing the meal, only three remained to stay for the night’s testimony/lesson. Before starting, I asked each girl about the hardest event they have had to endure.

Two of the women had just recently given up their babies, one shared that she had been raped. This last girl was so shaken from the episode that she cut herself to offset the pain she felt. Upon hearing how hard these events were for them, I shared with them Christ’s sufferings and resurrection.

Though I could not relate to the pain these girls felt, I knew Jesus could.

After finishing the story, we prayed for the girls. One of them shared how she had been a Christian until her “Christian” family sold her into sex slavery. These stories may seem disheartening, but there is hope. Over twenty girls that we have ministered to are now in a rescue home: being loved, cared for, and trained for a better job by Christians.

Will you pray with me for more girls to be restored and saved through Jesus?

Though the girls are calm here, they wcere estatic when I said each girl could take home a flower.

Though the girls are calm here, they were ecstatic when I said each girl could take home a flower.