Losing a Dad

Quick Facts and Highlights

Clark Olson.My dad went on to be with the Lord on October 22nd when his battle with Esophageal Cancer ended. Able to use frequent flyer miles to fly back to Colorado that same day (miraculously), we arrived back in the States to be with my mother and sister in this unfortunate time. Dad was, of course, a huge influence on my life, and his wisdom, friendship, and little personality quirks will be dearly missed. I was able to speak at his Memorial, if you would like to read the speech, I posted the manuscript at missionfwd.com/clark-olson. Please keep my family in your prayers. 

there and back again. After 3 weeks with the Olson family, we have departed once again to Cambodia, though with heavy hearts. This time has truly been a test to stay true to Jesus’s urge to “…take up [our] cross daily, and follow me.” (Luke 9:23) Though we can’t yet fully understand God’s purposes, it is our hope that, some day, we will see Him glorified from my dad’s passing through our ministry. 

5 days. With dad’s sudden passing, we only had 5 days in Phnom Penh. However in that time we were able to find an apartment and move in, have an initial meeting with our leaders, and also get a little familiar with our surounding neighborhood. From our initial meeting, our ministry will involve discipling and learning from fellow Khmer YWAM staff that will be working alongside us in our respective ministries. Kayla will be with a Khmer girl who came out of human trafficking and ministering to girls from a similar background. I will be with a relatively young Christian Khmer man, and along with our leader, Chris, we will be responsible for outreach teams coming to Cambodia. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for my family during this hardship.