Jan '13 Ping Pong Preacher


 P ing pong. From New Zealand to Dubai to Cambodia—if there’s one way to get to know a fellow staff member, it’s through a game of Ping Pong. Most recently I started up a game to get acquainted with the DTS leader, Mek. Though normally using conversation as a means of distraction from the game, Mek’s story is what ended up distracting me.

quick facts|& highlights:

  • Jed got to know a Cambodian missionary from a game of Ping Pong.
  • He got to speak on the DTS’s last week before outreach.
  • Kayla is finally able to pursue her dream of counseling sex-trafficked girls.

What really grabbed my attention was his experience in YWAM. Most of the time, he was outside Cambodia! He was a Cambodian doing missions in the Philippines.

What an encouragement to see someone who’s already been sent to the nations. I wonder sometimes if Cambodians will take up the call to reach the world. Mek’s story shows me God always calls somebody!

Teaching on DTS

Jed teaches on DTS

A little while after that conversation, Mek invited me to be the last speaker on the DTS. That last week before their outreach to another nation, I got to share my heart for sending Christians of all nations to all nations. I pray some of the students will be as inspired for long term ministry as their leader.

Counsel.  Kayla’s long-held dream to counsel sex-trafficked women is finally being realized. After meeting with a few ministries, she will be networking with a ministry called Precious Women to counsel trafficked victims and train Khmer staff in counseling as well. She will have a translator in the meantime as we both try to get fluent in Khmer. Keep praying that we understand and apply the language quickly!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!