Day #23

Definition: Pornography is the explicit depiction of sexual activity in literature, films, photography, or the internet, that stimulates erotic feelings.

-Pornography industry is a $57 billion global business, $12 billion of this is in the US. This is a larger than the combined revenues of all professional football, baseball, and basketball  franchises in the US.

-Child pornography alone generates $3 billion annually and the average age for first internet exposure to pornography is 11.

-Globally 72 million people visit pornographic web sites each year- 200,000 every day.

-47% of Christian men say pornography is a major problem in the home.

-A search in Google on the word “porn” returned over 165 million pages, and ‘xxx’ returned more then 200 million.


GOD is holy. Lev 20:26

-that God would send a spirit of conviction to the church about the evil of pornography
-that the internet would be regulated to marginalize pornography
-that law enforcement would break pedophile rings