Day #29

Purdah is the practice of the seclusion of women from public observation by covering their bodies from head to toe. It is also a state of social isolation, which confines women to their homes.

-Purdah is seen as a protection of the dignity of women

-In some cases, segregation is taken so seriously that houses are surrounded with eight to ten foot high purdah walls

-Purdah is frequently carried to such extremes that women suffer from softening of bones, eczema and ulcers due to a lack of sunlight.

-In Bangladesh, women have been attacked with acid because they were brave enough to be seen in public, transgressing the traditional boundaries of purdah.

-Purdah includes the restriction of women’s access to medical care.


-Nothing is hidden from God’s sight. Heb. 4:13a
-that God would break down the walls of segregation so women would be released into their destinies.
-for doctors to speak up about the physical consequences of purdah on a government level
-for the release of female misisonaries to serve these women