Radical Generosity

 our move to Colorado Springs  & starting ministry 


  • Read on to see how radical generosity can be a great way to share the gospel. 
  • We’re mobilizing staff and students to Cambodia while teaching on Counseling & Outreach.
  • We’re going to Asia at the end of the summer to teach on a Discipleship Training School.

My  heart pounded through my chest so hard from anticipation that someone opposite the room could have noticed. Kayla kept looking across the table at me to see if I noticed the Waitress’s reaction. “She still hasn’t looked at it yet.” I told her. After a few minutes went by, the waitress finally came over.

“I seriously cannot accept this” Our waitress, Lindsey, told us. The temptation to agree with her and recant the tip briefly entertained our minds. “No we insist.” We then proceeded to tell her how God had led us right to her and the amount to bless her with. After the meal we also got to bless a homeless man and pray for him. It is truly better to give than to receive! Please pray these acts of generosity will bring these two people closer to Jesus!

Art Therapy, Cambodia, Outreach Training

We are in full swing at the YWAM base now entering our third month in Colorado Springs! Kayla has taught Art Therapy to the counseling school as well as trained a team to go to Cambodia in a few weeks. We’ve both taught on communication and culture shock at the local DTS here, and in August we’re set to teach in Asia a few weeks on Relationships and Missions.

New What We Do Page

Not fully understanding what it is we do in missions? We’ve recently updated our website and created a What We Do page to help visualize and easily explain the everyday things we do.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our ministry!