Nov. '13-Restoring Foundations

Learning to counsel through tough issues 


  • Kayla has been learning a lot in her counseling school!
  • Jed finished YWAM Cambodia’s website! Check it out:
  • Hezekiah is adapting well to the school schedule. 

RTF. No, that doesn’t stand for “Rich Text Format” it is a counseling method which stands for “Restoring the Foundations.” This method has been one of the main topics we’ve focused on in my counseling school over the past few weeks.

Some speakers from Bath, England have been training us in this method, which helps someone focus on one issue in their lives, find the root cause of it, and let Jesus minister to them about the issue. We have not only been learning but also applying this method in ministering to each other and ourselves.

One of the FCM Speakers, Nolan, using clay to illustrate his lesson.

One of the FCM Speakers, Nolan, using clay to illustrate his lesson.

Once we are finished with the school, we will be given official “Restoring the Foundations” Certification, which we can use as a tool to counsel and minister to others!

Finishing Cambodia’s Website. Besides providing “daddy daycare” to Hezekiah, Jed has still been working in Communications with YWAM in Cambodia to help redesign their website and create a sponsorship program for the staff, students, and ministries YWAM runs in and around Phnom Penh. He has been working on this since the beginning of the year, and he is finally finished! You can check out Jed’s handiwork by going to Also a big thanks to Jean Ng who helped in the logo design and sponsorship program.

As Happy as Ever. If there was one thing we prayed for consistently with Hezekiah before he was born, it was that he would be very adaptable to changing environments and schedules. Thankfully, God answered our prayers!

Not only has Hezekiah adapted well to having me away more often, he’s made quite a few friends on base, particularly some Asian women! You can definitely tell he has spent most of his life in Asia!

Please continue to pray for my school to provide effective training tools for the future. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!