to be healed...

A need for a miracle. For the past several weeks, my dad, Clark Olson, had been having a hard time swallowing. Just a few weeks ago, this difficulty worsened to where he could not even swallow water. My family took him to get a biopsy done, putting a camera down his esophagus to locate the problem. They found a tumor. Upon receiving this news, Kayla and I urgently began praying. A few days later, the results of the biopsy confirmed the tumor was cancerous. Because of this news, we started changing our plans to try and visit my family in Colorado earlier than 

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expected. Then, just a week later, a CT scan revealed he had stage 4 Esophageal Cancer, so we almost immediately packed up our bags and got the soonest flight. We are now staying in Colorado for a few weeks to be with my dad in this time. For this reason, we will be delaying our departure to Cambodia until after my sister’s wedding in late September. Please be praying for my dad’s full and complete healing. We have already been praying for him daily as a family and taking him to church for prayer. We ask you to also join us in faith for his miraculous healing. 

Meeting up. We really want to meet up and visit with our supporters and prayer partners. We have been able to this with a few of you and would love to see you all. If you would like to meet for coffee or just let us show off our perfect baby to you then please email us at or call/text us at (970)481-2245!  

Devine Followup. In our last update we talked about the seemingly random connections of a couple different churches partnering with us. We would like to thank Aletheia Church in DeRidder, Louisiana for generously partnering with us in ministry and already wanting to come visit us in Cambodia! Once again, we are so grateful for all our supporters for joining with us in friendship and ministry. Thank you for your prayers and support.