Yes, you saw that correct. We R Pregnant! Do you want to hear the story? haha Its pretty crazy to us and most people are asking us how it happened. So if your interested then keep reading. 
-First of all. Me and Jed talked about kids a lot. We talked about adopting. And we have started the adoption process and will continue with our plan for adopting. We were not planning on having kids for about maybe 3 years. We kept on moving it back bc we are so passionate about adopting and always going back and forth on the issue of our own and when. 
-Second of all, I have had problems, cysts, and diseases with my ovaries most of my life. Being told I could probably not have kids at a young age, but I believe in that God heals and was healed a couple years ago of my ovary diseases! Praise the Lord! 
-In 2006, in Oxford New Zealand, a lady at Church was praying for me and over me. As she was praying for me she told me that I would have a big family! 
-Around July of last year me and Jed were having coffee with some friends of ours, Noah and Kate, for the first time. I wrote my second blog post about it. In mid sentence Kate stops and says “You guys are supposed to have a kid.” 
-I don’t think its coincidence that I was healed while preparing to come to NZ and 5 years ago and 1 year ago all in NZ people told me we were going to have kids from the Lord all while I didn’t care to have kids. God has a plan and his plan will happen weather we want it or not! 
Okay so now for the rest of the story! 
For about 2 weeks I was having a really bad cramping pain really low in my abdomen. I am usually used to this bc of my past history with problems with my ovaries so I did as usual, I said I would make an appointment if it continued. Keep in mind my breasts were hurting so bad for about a month but I didn’t think anything of it bc I am always on birth control and that is a side affect sometimes. So after two extremely bad pains that lasted about 10 mins each that woke me up in the middle of the night, I made a doc appointment. They were so bad that I felt like I couldn’t handle it and almost puking. That was only 2 times. The rest of the pain just felt like monthly cramping.
I got to the little clinic here in Oxford and told them I think I have a bladder infection, yeast infection or maybe a miscarriage (that only came to my mind on the way to the clinic) She took a pregnancy test and told me that it was a faint line so that means that I am having a tubal miscarriage probably (or maybe an early pregnancy but bc of the pains she didn’t think it was good) and I need to go straight to the big Christchurch Hospital because a tubal pregnancy is harmful and sometimes deadly to the woman. Talk about an emotional visit. We were not expecting that at all. 
So we quickly drive to CHC and met with a doctor right away. They took some blood to check on my hormone level and then we did an transvaginal ultrasound to see if they could see it in the uterus or my tubes. My hormone level was 234 which means I was pregnant but they can’t determine much with just one level. The level is supposed to double every 48 hours and that means it is a healthy normal pregnancy. If the number goes up and down then that is a miscarriage. I was only 4 weeks pregnancy during this time so the ultrasound was negative and they couldn’t see anything. So they sent me home and said come back in 48 hours and lets do the same tests. But for now it is a 50/50 chance that it could be healthy or a miscarriage. 
I had no pains for those 48 hours, just waiting around being impatient with the fact that I could be having a dangerous miscarriage or a healthy pregnancy, two total opposites. We went back after 48 hours and my hormone level (HCG) was 395. They said that was not doubled so they need to see another number to get a more accurate diagnosis so I have to go home AGAIN and wait 48 hours. (oh and they can’t SEE the baby in the uterus or tube until the number is over 1000 so we have to wait for that as well) 
Another 48 hours passed and we went in for a blood test. By now we were so ready to hear a number that doubled. We were praying and by then we had so many people praying for a miracle. People in New Zealand, in Israel, in Louisiana, Alaska, Colorado, Uganda, and a couple more were all praying and lifting us up to our awesome Lord! 
827—that was the number! Me and Jed thought that was a really good number but the Doctor still said that he can not tell me that it is not in my tubes until he sees it for himself on an ultrasound in 72 hours. UGH this time we have to wait for 3 days. By now me and Jed felt a peace that this was really happening. This is not a miscarriage!
Went back in 3 days to have another blood test and an ultrasound. My number was 2,688!!! and We got to see the little bean/sack in my UTERUS!! Praise the Lord! They think I am 6 weeks pregnant but I got back in 2 weeks to have another ultrasound to hear the heartbeat bc they said it is still a slight chance of a miscarriage (but not a deathly, tubal one) so they want to be careful until they hear the heartbeat before they say it for sure. But me and Jed have peace that there will not be a miscarriage and we will have a healthy baby! 
As you can tell this was very unexpected and unplanned but God has had it planned for a very long time and we are very excited. We didn’t think we were ready for this but who is? We thank God for his grace and are very blessed for his healing. Thank you Lord for this blessing! 
This last picture is just a random picture we saw in the mall last week and we thought is was quite fitting for our new situation!